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MelaPower 6x HE Detergent 96-load, Scent Free


Size: 48 fl. oz. Product No. 215


  • HE formula for front-loading high-efficiency washers
  • Just ½ fl. oz. cleans a whole load of laundry
  • Rinse Guard™ keeps dirt from redepositing on clothes
  • No caustic chemicals or unnecessary fillers


Amazing scents, super-concentrated, safer for your clothes and home—and it cleans well too! MelaPower 6x outperforms other brands, all without the use of caustic chemicals!


Alkalis are caustic and used in major grocery store detergents for breaking down the dirt on your clothes before rinsing it away. The problem is that the caustic chemicals in the detergent can quickly start deteriorating and unraveling the tiny fibers in your clothes.


Melaleuca’s philosophy is completely different from the grocery store brands. MelaPower only uses naturally derived, biodegradable surfactants and enzymes to gently, but very effectively, dissolve dirt, grime, and stains, leaving your clothes refreshingly clean with no caustic residue on your clothes. MelaPower is as gentle on your clothes and skin as rain water.

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